Absolute liability

Absolute liability – this term is used in the Civil Law where it details legal liability, held towards third parties who is presumed without any further need to be proved again, for some specific legal capacities. Bearers of such liability are real estate owners, company managers for example, etc.

The term has also another application – in the area of Commercial Law. There it details the civil liability by the manufacturer, the supplier or the vendor, for a defect. Such defect could be a design defect, manufacturing defect, and defect in marketing, or shortcoming in a sold product. Usually, the liability is deemed as warranty liability for defectively manufactured products. It states that in certain deadlines of usage, any defects or shortcomings if occurred and claimed, will be removed (or in cases of impossibility for removal, the whole item will be replaced with a new one). In cases where the defected product has caused injuries or loses, a product liability claim could be submitted in court.

Synonyms are “product liability” and “strict liability”.

See also “Warranty Law”

See also “Product liability”

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