Actionable wrong

Actionable wrong – this legal term finds application in the Tort Law and in the Litigation lawsuits in some legal systems. It refers to the actual harm or injury, done via performance of a wrongful action (negligence, breach of contract, etc.) by a person, called “wrongdoer”. In brief words, in order to occur actionable wrong, there has to be a performance of an illegal activity, which results in actual (i.e. countable) damages. Then the injured party may claim compensation and remedy of these damages from the wrongdoer. In some cases missed benefits too.
The illegal act has to be proven, as well the precise size of the actual damages.

In the legal practice, an example of actionable wrong would be where a drunk drivers crashes vehicles. Both the injured person and the insurance company may claim his/her liability and pursue compensation in court.

Another example occurs if a signer steals the text or the music of a song, and performs it against profit. Then the actual owner of the song rights may pursue compensation in court.

See also “Mass tort”

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