Contemptuous damages

Contemptuous damages – this legal term finds application in the Tort Law and in Litigation procedures in some jurisdictions. Mostly it refers to damages small in value that occurred after a wrongful action has been done. In cases where the injured pursues compensation in court, if it is not possible to convert the damages in significant sum of money, then these are considered as “contemptuous damages”. Various countries set up different rules for the contemptuous damages. In some it could be unreasonable and not enough for submitting damage claim. There is a minimal amount of money to be pursued in damage claims, to avoid overloading the civil courts with unnecessary tort lawsuits. An example would be if somebody intentionally breaks your pen – although it is proved that your pen has been broken by the particular person as a result from actionable wrong, the value of this pen is so small and you can’t submit a damage claim on the matter.

In other countries it is allowed to submit a damage claim of only 1 dollar, just to proclaim to the public that you that your position is the right one and that you have found protection of your interests in court.

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