Fair preponderance – used in court trials, the term refers to a kind of evidence which is enough to convince the jury that the party which has the burden of proof, has strong legal bases for their entered case.

Fair market price – the term refers to the hypothetical most probable price that could be obtained for a movable property or real estate by average, informed purchasers.  The fair-value accounting methods have been established in the local legislation.

Fair Labor Standards Act – in many jurisdictions this is the name of the Labor Code, providing the minimum and the maximum labor hours, wages, labor vacations, protection against illegal release from work, etc.

Fair housing laws – the term refers to these regulations in the sphere of the Real Estate Law, which forbid any kind of discrimination or non-unique treatment of buyers on the real estate sales.

Fair Dismissal – within the area of the Labor Law, this term refers to a release of an employee from work, for a lawful legal reason – capability, qualifications or conduct, redundancy, etc.

Fair dealing – Within the Copyright Law in many countries, this term refers to a procedure which allows fair critique or private study use of the protected material, performed with appropriate acknowledgment.

Fair Credit Reporting Act 1970 – this is the name of an US legislature which regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information, including consumer credit information. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_Credit_Reporting_Act .

Fair consideration – in the area of Real Estate Law, this legal term refers to a type of consideration given for property, in exchange for such property, as a fair equivalent therefor, and in good trading procedures.

Fair comment – in the area of court trials, the term refers to a defense method in defamation court cases. See also http://www.legal-explanations.com/definitions/fair-comment.htm .

Fair cash value – within the area of the Property Law this term refers to the usual market value which could be achieved in a straight sale of the item/real estate. In most jurisdictions the market value is established (set-up)…