Judicial revision

Judicial revision – In court procedures, when a court decision is appealed, it is known as an “appeal.” But there are many administrative Authorities which make decisions or deliver governmental services or to charge fines, and the decisions of which can also be appealed. In many cases, the “appeal” from administrative authoriities is known as “judicial revision” which represents a process where the Administraitve court of law (or respective court institution) is asked to decide on the legal aspects of the decision or order, issued by the Administrative Authority. Review by court is a main principle of the Administrative law in many jurisdictions to grant fair justice and to ensure that the citizens may seek protection of their rights. A distinctive feature of judicial review is that the “appeal” is not usually limited to errors in law but may be based on alleged errors on the part of the administrative agency on findings of fact. The court usually has the rights to confirm the properness of the issued act, or to invalidate it, where usually obliges the Authority to issue a new one following the given requirements by the court.

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