Maintenance of complexes

Maintenance of complexes – Initially the term “maintenance” refers to the obligation of one person to contribute, in part or in whole, to the cost of living of another person. Somewhere it is a synonym of “support” (spousal or child) or “alimony“. In the area of Real Estate Law, the meaning of this term is: To maintain the common shares/facilities only (not the individual premises) of an operated complex and to keep it in good condition against payment. Maintenance is usually a service, which is due on the base of a voluntary maintenance contract signed between the apartment owners, on one hand (or by the General Meeting), and by the maintenance company, on another. The maintenance service is usually paid monthly towards the person or local company which maintains the common parts of buildings/complexes. But in the Property Law, where related to individual external facilities, it is called “management service”, because these are not attached/detached to the building, resp. have nothing to do with the maintenance of the common parts of a building.

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