Personal injury claim

Personal injury claim – within the sphere of Tort Law in many jurisdiction the personal injury claim is a type of civil claim, which relates to physical or mental injury suffered by a claimant, due to the defendant’s alleged negligence and failure to use reasonable care for the safety of others. The claim must rise from injury, which has occurred directly and straight from the wrongful behavior of the defendant, i.e. to be direct result of such a harassing behavior. In cases where the claim is directed to the insurance company, it will lead to personal injury payment. A similar phrase is “personal tort”, which affects directly the person and results in injury, damages or harming of their reputation. See also

* Note it is advisable to hire a lawyer who to submit the personal injury claim on your behalf, because lawyers know terms, conditions and specifics of applications; in this way you may avoid a situation where your personal injury claim could be revoked (i.e. not accepted) by the court due to some legal defect or shortcoming – for example if you have not stipulated requested details, or have not attached the needed proofs, etc.

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