Possessory action

Possessory action – in the area of Civil Law this is a claim for harmed ownership right on real estate. It peruses the goal to to obtain, recover, or maintain physical possession of the concrete real estate,but not its ownership. Briefly, the possessory action pursues usually to evict a non paying tenant. It should be differed than the possessory interdict, which helps the tenant to defend against disturbance. Synonyms are “possessory claim” and “possessory proceedings”.

* Note that it is advisable to hire a lawyer who to prepare and submit the possessory action on your behalf, because lawyers are qualified in Law; they know terms, conditions and specifics of claims and actions; in this way you may avoid a situation where your possessory action could be revoked (i.e. not accepted) by the court due to some legal defect or shortcoming – for example if you have not stipulated requested details, or have not attached the needed proofs, etc.

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