Procedure of legalization in the USA

Procedure of legalization in the USA – this term refers to the procedure of signing of powers of attorney and other documents that have to be used in another country outside the USA. The procedure includes visiting any notary public in the USA and sign the documents in front of him. Then posting the documents to the office of the State Secretary of State, in order to obtain an apostil on them. Once done, the originals are to be posted towards the recipient in the country, where to be used (somewhere further legalization and translation of these in the country of delivery is needed).

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*Note that it is advisable to hire a lawyer who to draw your letter of authorization or power of attorney which you wish to issue to a third party. Lawyers are qualified in Law and they know what terms and conditions should be implemented in such forms to protect your interests; as well to consult you on the clauses of proposed letters of authorizations or powers of attorney to you for signing.

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