Procurator in rem suam

Procurator in rem suam – this legal phrase comes from Latin. It translates as “he has authorized the assignee to sue the debtor and to keep for their own whatever he collected”. In the Litigation procedures, this phrase details a situation where the creditor transfers the right to pursue the debtor and to collect the debt, to a third party, called “procurator”. Usually this act is done as a deal against some payment). In practice, banks or financial loan companies, may  “sell” debts which they believe it is not beneficial to collect on their own, towards loan-collecting firms which then keep for themselves any money collected from the debtor.  Usually the debtor has to be informed about the change of creditors. In theory, the debtor does not care to whom they will have to pay the debt, but they need to know namely to whom they should forward payment.

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