Procurator negotiorum

Procurator negotiorum – this term comes from Latin. It means an actual attorney. In the area of Business Law it refers to the figure of legal representative, who has been authorized by somebody else to do business matters on their behalf. A lawyer, who has been hired by the client to act on their behalf in their business relations towards third parties. In view of court representation, the procurator negotiorum will be the lawyer who appears on behalf of a party to protect their legal and financial interests in court.

* Note that practicing lawyers do not protect the legal and financial interests of people for free (except where provided in the legislation), i.e. they don’t work and. accept pressure by the opposite parties for free; their personal advocacy is paid, so when asking a lawyer for their legal opinion on a concrete legal issue, you should pay them for their opinion and legal advice; it is the same like when you visit a doctor and pay for their competent diagnose and accurate medical treatment.

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