Pro se

Pro se this term comes from Latin. Literally it means: in one’s personal behalf. This term is used to detail in court preceding that the claimant or the defendant is participating in person, i.e. “pro se legal representation”, which means not via legal representative. It also contrasts with the term “pro socio”, which in terms of Court Trials means the party does not participates in person, but via legal representative.

* Note it is advisable to hire a lawyer who to participate in  court procedures  on your behalf, because lawyers know terms, conditions and specifics of court procedures; in this way you may avoid a situation where for example you wish to sue somebody, but your claim could is revoked  (i.e. not accepted) by the court due to some legal defect or shortcoming – for example if you have not stipulated requested details, or have not attached the needed proofs, etc. Many legal systems allow people who are not able to afford to pay a lawyer, to use legal aid, with the permission by the court.

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