Real Estate Deed

Real Estate Deed – this term applies in within the area of Property Law. It refers to official signed document which describes the ownership of a concrete immovable property. The Title Deed is issued to proclaim the ownership rights of a particular person. Therefore it helps him/her to defend these against any third parties. Usually, the deed in prepared in a specific form or blank. It contains specific details that individualize the real estate, the owner, the terms of a transaction of property, any additional agreements between vendor and buyer (in conveyance procedures), etc. Title Deeds in some countries are signed before a notary public. These documents usually are subject to registration or publishing in the local Land register too. So any party can obtain information about who is the legal owner of a concrete real estate.

Example: “The lawyer who represents the buyer will prepare the draft real estate deed”.

Title Deed

Real estate deed / Legal Glossary

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