Real property

Real property – also known as the abbreviation “realty”, this legal term details an immovable property. For example, a plot of land, constructed building, existing apartment or another premise, etc. The term participates in the legal phrase “real property easement”. In the area of Property Law, it describes the legal right of a party to enter, pass or use another party’s real estate (usually a neighboring one). The role is to enable the beneficiary to improve their own estate and to grant a security against third parties. The usual application of real estate easement is for placing cables, water pipes, etc.

The real property claim, for example, is a claim submitted in court in relation to possession or ownership right of particular, concrete real estate; where the claimant wishes to establish or protect these against the defendant or any third parties. For example, if you have paid the total price of a real estate but have got no Title. Then you can ask the court to proclaim you as the legal owner. This is a real property claim.

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Real property / Legal Glossary

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