Reclamation – in practice, usually in the area of Litigation Procedures, this term details the claim for refund of money, previously invested by the claimant. Such request happens either out-of-court with an invitation towards the debtor, or via lodging litigation claim. A synonym is “recovery”.

The term also has another, alternative meaning. In the area of Commercial Law, reclamation could refer to returning something initially bought in the store. Buyers place warranty claims usually on the base of defects or discovered after the purchase shortcomings or defects. According to the Law of Consumers, most new items sold in stores have got warranty protection issued by the manufacturer. So buyers could ask for their money back or for substitution of the defective or non-working item.

Another, third meaning of the legal term “reclamation” is returning of territories/properties from one country towards another neighboring country. Countries usually exchange territories on the basis of a mutual agreement signed between their governments.

As synonym is the noun “restoration”.

See also “warranty claim”

Reclamation / Legal Glossary

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