Register – in practice, usually within the Administrative Law, this legal term details a catalogue containing of important legal information that is visible to the public. The word participates in the following terms:

– “Register of birth, marriages and death” – this is a specific register kept in every city, where personal information about physical individuals is available in order to obtain official documents certifying facts or personal information related to the above. A register is managed and kept by registrar.

– “Register of previous convictions” – this is a specific register at each District, where each person at the court in the area of his birth, can obtain a certificate showing lack or presence of previous convictions.

– “Register of designs” – this is one of the registers, related to library of published industrial patents and registered marks. Registration of copyrights may also be available (depending of the concrete jurisdiction).

– “Land register” – this is a governmental Authority which registers property within a particular country. There are various circumstances that are subject of registration – title, any burdens, mortgages, details about performed property deals, etc. A synonym is “roster”.

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