Repudiation – this term has got two different meanings depending of where it has got application:

1) In the area of Contract Law, it refers to the breach of contract. This is legally punishable non-performance of previously agreed obligations. Breach of contract can be guilty on one side, or performed without particular intention to disobey the contract, on another. Parties should always avoid breach of contract once it has been concluded.

2) Within the Inheritance Law in some legal systems, repudiation represents a formal and official binding refusal by an inheritor to accept their share of the inheritance. An heir usually denies accepting his part of the inheritance in situations where the applicable taxes and fees will be more than the value of the whole share due to him/her. Usually in most legal systems it is not possible to accept only part of your share of the inheritance pot (i.e. to choose what to get and what not within your individualized share).  Synonyms are “rejection” and “abandonment”.

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