Sanction – this verb has several meanings:

– In the Administrative Law, it means to ratify or to approve act or document. And therefore to make the related action valid. Synonyms are “approval”, “acquiescence” and “approbation”. Antonyms are “denial” and “disagreement”.

In the sphere of Criminal Law, the legal term “sanction” could have a different meaning. Mostly to punish somebody for their illegal or wrongful actions. Within the court procedures, the judge may sanction a party or a viewer in the courtroom. Which person does not obey the procedural rules or pay no respect to the court. For example, in practice, the “sanction of crime” refers to the sentenced actual punishment. Usually as monetary fine, forbidding to do something for a particular term, or time in jail. Therefore the sanction could be a penalty imposed on a person involved in a case if they, for example, fail to follow governmental orders or directions, or denies considering an alternative to court. In situations where a claimant wins partly a case, the judge may also order them to cover the other party’s costs (like court fee, lawyer’s fee, etc).

Synonyms are “charge” and “punishment”.

See also “punishment”

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