Security of burden provision

Security of burden provision – this legal term finds application in the Court Procedures in some legal systems. There it refers to a court order, issued by the judge with requirement for a refundable deposit to be paid to the court in order to allow establishing legal burden, mostly for securing a court claim. For example, if you are the claimant on litigation lawsuit and you decide to freeze the bank accounts of the defendant for a debt of 10 000 Dollars, it is possible for the court to ask you for refundable deposit of 10% of this sum, in order to allow freezing assets for the term of the lawsuit. The role of the refundable deposit is to allow the defendant, if they win the case against you (i.e. if your claim has been declined), to pursue effective compensation for loses they may have occurred duing the peiod of the lawsuit because of impossibility to use their burdened/fozen accounts or assets.

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