Special committee

Special committee – also known as a “committee ad hoc”. This is a term of Parliamentary Law in most countries, refering to the figure of one or more professionals appointed or hired by a larger assembly or society, to consider, investigate and/or take valid and obligatory decisions on certain specific concerns. A committee only has those authorizations which have been assigned to it by the constituent assembly or society. Most are merely established to examine matters in detail and to then report to the larger group. This saves the larger assembly time when it meets and allows it to review and confirm a bigger number of matters, relying on the committee’s report and advice.
Special lien – in terms of Property Law this legal phrase refers to a possessory lien by the force of which the temporary possessor of goods or items is entitled to retain these until a debt that occured with relation to those concrete goods (for example, to their producing or distribution) has been paid towards the possessor. A synonym is “particular lien”.

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