Score sheet

Score sheet – this term finds application in the Criminal Law in some jurisdictions. There it refers to the concrete pointing of the particulars of the crime. Therefore these specifics will lead to the frames of the expected court sentence. The score sheet details these particulars of the crime that will help the judge or the court jury to determinate and decide about the applicable period of the jail sentence. Or if another type of punishment, if applicable for this type of felony. (or other type or charge).

All specific circumstances of the crime matter, to help the court to establish an individualized punishment.

In practice, such specifics of the crime are (depending on the legal system):
  • If you have done the crime in clear mind or during a condition of affect.
  • When the convicted has done the crime with cruelness towards the victim.
  • A situation, where the crime has been performed by an organized group of criminals.

See also “Court sentence”

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