Animus contrahendi

Animus contrahendi – this legal term comes from Latin. Literally it means “intent to contract”. In the legal practice, it finds application in the Law of Contracts, where details the intention to conclude an agreement. In other words – it expresses the request of a party to enter into voluntary created obligatory (and beneficial) relations with another party. In the usual situation, every party will agree to perform particular obligations towards the opposite party for remuneration or receipt of concrete benefit instead. For example, in the property purchases, via signing a private purchase contract, the buyer agrees to pay a particular price, and on the other hand the opposite party (the seller) obliges to transfer an ownership of the property towards the buyer. I.e. you get a house against paying the sale price.

*Note that it is advisable to consult with a lawyer who may draw/prepare your contracts for securing your interests. Experienced lawyers are qualified in Law they should know what terms and conditions may be implemented in contracts for better protection of your interests.

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