Dysnomy – this term details a situation of defective producing of statutes by the the Bulgarian Parliament.

Dynasty trust – the term refers to a trust created to last very long time, where creator passes wealth from generation to generation without the burden of transfer or inheritance taxes.

Dynamite charge – within the area of lawsuits the term is used to detail an enforcement by the judge towards the jury to consider the matter again and to reach a verdict.

Duty solicitor – This term is used in Court Trials where refers to the legal figure of a solicitor from the National Bureau for legal aid, who has been appointed to act on behalf of a convicted who can not…

Duty – the term is used in Tax Law where refers to a levy charged by the local Government.

Dutiable articles – the term is used in the Tax law where it details the goods that are subject of duty taxes when passing the Bulgarian & EU border.

Duress – this term describes a situation where a person is prevented from acting (or not acting) according to their free will, by threats or force of another person, it is said to be “under duress”. Contracts signed under duress are…

Duplicity – within Court Trials, this term refers to the situation of uniting of reasons or amounts from couple court claims into a common one. It is rarely met. See also: http://bulgariandeals.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=32

Duplex – In Real Estate Law this term refers to a house which has separate but complete facilities to accommodate two families as either adjacent units or one on top of the other. (Bulgarian Real Estate Law).