Issue preclusion – this term refers to the legal non-possibility of a plaintiff to enter new claim on the same legal bases, namely in cases where the particular case have been already previously resolved with court decision.

Issued share capital – used mostly in the area of the Corporate Law, the term refers to the shares of a local corporate body, which shares have been transferred towards shareholders who have bought shares.

Islamic Law – also known as “The Law of Sheriya”, this is the law according to the Muslim religion and as interpreted from the Koran religious book. Islamic law is probably best known for deterrent punishment, which is the basis…

Irreparable injury – used mostly in Tort Law, this legal term describes a type of injury that cannot be repaired; only compensated with financial satisfaction. The term can be used to describe a damage too – irreparable damage or harm.

Irredeemable debt – for example, this term refers to a debt towards the Government or towards the Municipality and which can not be liquidated with expiration of any deadlines; it is always due. The Contracts and Obligations Law in many…

Invalidation – the term is used mostly in Contracts & Obligations Law and it means: To make null – an agreement, for example.

Inure – it means to take effect, to result; to come into operation. Also could mean “to transfer a legal right to (somebody)”.