Juvenile sex crime – within the area of Criminal Law, this term details a sexual offence committed by underaged criminal prior to their 18 years birthday (i.e. under 18 years in most jurisdictions).

Juvenile justice – this term is used in the Criminal law in many jurisdictions, where refers to a procedure applicable to convicted who are underage.

Just ownership – within the meaning of the Property law, this term describes the ownership which the possessor has honestly believed to have received from a legal owner. Just ownership is not applicable in property transfers between unofficially connected parties.

Justification – the term refers to a type of defense by the convicted in criminal trials. Through justification the convicted shows good legal reason for doing what he has done in order to avoid charge. When an act is justified,…

Justifiability – this term refers to the legal frames, stipulated in the Process Codes, within which the court can exercise its legal authority.