Legal Glossary

Law systems regulated the relations between people from the beginning of the civilized world. In its origin the law has always been filled with legal terms, definitions, provisions and rules that have the role to be accepted and followed by people in the various democracies.

It is quite normal and understandable that legal terms, just like different languages, may vary in the different countries and existing legal systems. Within the Common Law System on one hand, and the European (Continental) Law System, on the other hand, there are many different legal expressions, which very often have one and the same meaning and understanding. In the Era of the globalization and synchronizing of the legislation worldwide, our aim with the present legal glossary is to help in some convenient way for uniting and equality of the usage of legal terms so the legal culture and behavior could be increased and reach new levels.

Developing of the Law is also obeyed – as every other science, the Law also grows up and renews, via its modern terms and definitions, implemented in the various local legislations and used in the practice of judges, lawyers, barristers, solicitors, etc. This is why we allow ourselves to place before you understandable legal definitions of many popular legal terms in simplest words possible, of the most useful legal terms worldwide, from theoretical point of view, compared with the legal practice in various countries and legal systems.

The content of this legal glossary does not have any pretentions to be strictly precise for every legal system or to be in the form of advice for concrete legal issues of individual cases. Still every legal issue has its specifics and a legal assistance of legal practitioner should be pursued, and not to rely on the explanations on this legal dictionary. The terms on our website pursue only the goal to help clearing the view of people in need and legal practitioners about the possibilities of using a concrete legal term, without obliging you to consider these as applicable to your individual research or legal issue. We do not take any responsibility for different meaning of wrong misunderstanding.

Good luck in researching the Legal Glossary & the Law Terms!


The Legal Glossary Team.