Sacrilege – this legal term has two different meanings:
1) Where it finds application in the area of Canon Law, it details the act of desecration or pollution – i.e. an act of treating somebody or using against them something that is sacred with irreverence.
2) Depending on its application, it could have the meaning of entering into the unworthy or improper usage of something. For example, within the sphere of Criminal Law in many legal systems, this term details the robbery crime, during which religious items are stolen from the church. The robbery of religious items is also punishable per the Law – usually more seriously than a regular robbery.
In practice, synonyms of sacrilege are blasphemy, defilement, desecration, impiety, and sacrilege.

Antonyms are “kindness” and “obedience”.

See also “Ecclesiastical Law”

Sacrilege applies to Church Law

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