General assignment – the term details a real estate conveyance by which there is a common and unconditional transfer of the available assets of debtor towards their creditors, as alternative of the bankruptcy. This is legal procedure to straighten the…

General assembly – the Corporate Law in most jurisdictions gives to this term the meaning of a meeting of all shareholders to agree about structural matters of the corporate body where they participate.

General acceptance – within the area of the Corporate Law, the term describes the unconditional acceptance by the drawee of a bill of exchange without altering the original terms of the bill.

Genealogy – this term refers to the legal science which studies of the history of a family, including preparation of a family tree, for the purposes of issuing a certificate of inheritances by the local authorities.

Gender bias – within the area of the Labor Law, the term refers to a preference or prejudice by an employer toward one gender over the other – namely the unequal treatment in employment opportunity due to attitudes based on…

Gebocced – the term means “conveyed”, i.e. transferred and is used to detail a real estate right that has been passed on from the vendor towards the buyer. See also:  

GBH – this is an abbreviation which details a heavy body injury per the meaning of the Criminal Code in most jurisdictions.