Maintenance of common parts of buildings

Maintenance of common parts of buildings – within the meaning, given by the Real Estate Law in many legal systems, this is a service offered to the apartment owners, where a maintenance company provides services related to the security, cleaning and keeping of the common parts of the building where the apartments are situated. It has nothing to do with keeping of gardens, swimming pools or facilities situated in other building or in other plots. Also there should be made a precise difference here between the maintenance services of the common parts and the management/rental services provided to the apartments. In addition, every apartment owner should know that the option with witnessing the maintenance contract before notary public, usually only entitles the maintenance company to pursue an execution procedure before the bailiff against the apartment, in case the owner does not pay the agreed maintenance fees. On the other hand, due to the fact that some maintenance companies are only formed for performance of this service where they do not own any assets, then in case they fail to maintain the complex, then there could be almost no way for the concrete owner to recover ever their advance paid annual maintenance fees. This is why it is advisable to contact an independent property lawyer for legal guidance & advice, before you sign any maintenance contracts, for drawing or negotiating the proposed to you maintenance contract.

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