Real – The Property Law gives meaning to this word as something related to the immovable estate. The word participates in the following legal terms:

– “real property” – it is used in the Real Estate Law. There it refers to immovable property such as land or a building or an object that, though at one time a chattel, has become permanently affixed to land or a building. A synonym is “real estate”.

– “real property closing Law” – in most jurisdictions this term gives the name of the area of the Property Law, which sets the procedure for the final transfer of the ownership of a house from the seller to the buyer, via signing a Title Deed for ownership. Somewhere known as “house closing law”.

– “real right” – In the Bulgarian Real Estate Law, this is the right on the immovable property. Mostly recognized as a right of ownership on it. Could be also the right of usage, the right of constructing, etc.

– “real servitude” – this legal term is applicable in the area of Real Estate Law. There it details a real servitude which creates benefit for the property owner via using neighboring real estate. It differs than the private servitude, which creates benefits for usage to other, concrete people on the real estate of the landowner (for example, use of apartment). A synonym is “land servitude”.

– “real action” – this legal term applies in the area of Possession Claims, where details a claim submitted in court for recovery of real estate from third parties, who currently possess it without legal reason.

See also “Joint immovable property”

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