Reasonable care

Reasonable care – understood as the usual type of care and attention, exercised by a person in a particular situation. In the different branches of Law, this term has a different meaning:

– In the area of Commercial Law, the reasonable care details the usual attention and maintaining undertaken by a trader. The goal is to deliver proper goods or item towards the consumers. And therefore to avoid any eventual claims later by buyers for the quality of goods or services.

– In the sphere of Family Law, this term refers to the normal care which parents exercise towards their children. So to avoid any claims against the parents for non-performed care.

Basically, the role of the reasonable care is where applied, to avoid any claims against the exercise of the care. A synonym is the term “due diligence” or “reasonable diligence”, that applies to the conveyance services, provided by lawyers. There it details the type of care given to clients so they can be satisfied with the appointed legal services.

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Reasonable care / Legal Glossary

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