Receiver – this is a person appointed by the Court to act as a liquidator. It could also refer to the figure of an execution judge. In practice, the noun participates in the following legal terms:

– “Receiver in bankruptcy” – which details the figure of an assignee who manages the assets during insolvency procedure.

– “Receiver and manager”. This legal term refers to the figure of an assignee, appointed by the court, to act as a manager.

– “Receiver’s certificate” – per the provisions of the Litigation Procedures this is a document which is non-disputable in relation to the debt. For example, such is a contract, witnessed by notary public – no need to go through court procedures in order to pretend and prove your rights as a creditor per this contract.

– “Receiver of customs”. Within the area of tax Law, this legal term details the figure of an administrator of custom incomes.

See also “Liquidator”

Receiver / Legal Glossary

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