Revival – this term literally means “restoration”, “bringing back to life”. In the context of Law, it has several different meanings, depending on where it has got an application:

1) In the court procedures, it refers to the act of enforcing a judgment by the court. Usually after a period of revision or interpretation by a higher court. Alternatively, one of the parties may request the court to undertake it.

2) In Corporate Law, a revival of a company is the act of restoring a previously liquidated company. Usually, this is done where further examination of its financial standing has to be done. Also where interested parties discover extra assets of the company to satisfy its creditors.

3) In the sphere of Canon Law, revival refers to the period of religious and confidential consultations with a priest. In fact, people perform these in order to confirm their own belief in the religious faith.

4) Within the meaning, given by the Law of Contacts, a revival relates to a specific agreement with the role to enable collection of an old debt. For example, the debt has expired, but the parties wish to collect it anyway.

5) In the area of Parliamentary Law, the legislative entity may issue a revival statute with retrospective force. As a matter of fact they do it to affect and govern relations in the past).

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