Salaried – this term finds application within the sphere of Employment Law in many legal systems. It refers to the figure of an employee who works on a long-term labor contract. Usually, he receives a concrete sum of money – called “salary” on a regular basis, weekly or monthly, against the job done for the employer. The opposite figure is a “contracted” – a worker on a temporary job. For example, a mechanic for the repair or an airplane on private job contract that expires with the performance of the particular work. In other words, “contracted” details a person, called “assignee”, hired only on temporary job namely for reaching a certain result. Where usually the social security payment is not an obligation of the assignor. The contracted has to pay it by themselves, while the salaried does not.

Example: “Number of salaried workers has grown during the summer season”.

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Chorus musicians are salaried employees

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