Scheduled injury

Scheduled injury.
What is scheduled injury? In Tort Law, the injury leads usually to claim for compensation. In some cases, the local Laws could establish the precise amounts of money that could compensate the injured. And these depend on the type of injury. For example, for a broken leg, the amount of compensation could be given as a concrete cash figure. Such listing or table of scheduled injuries is usually embedded in legislation to provide some clear view about the outcome of torts. And also to help judges to determinate the compensation for damages.

An antonym is “non-scheduled injury”. It refers to a damage which has to be examined first. Then fair compensation, not existing as a concrete figure of this particular type of injuries within the local legislation, to be awarded by the court.

Example: “The claimant – radio worker, has proven to the court that there is a scheduled injury. It is in the form of a malfunction in both his ears due to labor accident. So the awarded compensation as set-up in the Tort Act is 10 000”.

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