Turned to a right – this is a principle, setting that an individual, whose property gas been possessed illegally, can only enter a claim in court for protection of their rights.

Trover – An old English and common law legal proceeding against a person who had found someone else’s property and has converted that property to their own purposes. The action of trover did not ask for the return of the…

Trust account – this legal term finds application in the Law of Contracts, where refers to temporary bank account, opened during escrow period of closing property transaction. The buyer deposits the money in the account, and the third party –…

Trust – a trust is financial deal about estates to be entrusted legally to a person who will use it for another person, or persons benefit.

Tripartite treaty – this legal term finds application in the Law of Contracts. There it refers to an agreement to be concluded between three parties. It includes more parties than the participants in the standard contract.

Tribute – this legal term literally means “tax”. Tax is a type of administrative burden in the form of a sum, charged on monetary streams or assets, and payable towards the public budget.

Tribunal – this is a group of people united to perform judgment, where there is a chairman of this group. In practice, there are different types of tribunals. Most used ones are the military tribunals which judge soldiers.