Title Deed

Title Deed – following the provisions of the Property Law, this is a document in specific written form for ownership of a real estate. Or the document for setting a mortgage on a property. This document has to be witnessed by a local notary public. Usually, the same day it has to be registered in the Land Registry Agency as well. The different legal systems establish different rules for Title Deeds. For example, is some countries in Continental Europe, title deeds are not being handled from seller to buyer. But instead, both parties must attend the local notary & Land registry and sign a brand new title deed, transferring the estate from one party to another. This, of course, could be performed through authorized local solicitors.

Further, the actual transfer of the property depends on the stage of completion of the property. Namely, whether the building in question has been already finished, granted a certificate for usage or whether this is an off-plan transaction.

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Title Deed

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