Kitting – in the area of Criminal Law, this legal term details a committed criminal offence representing clearing cheques in the bank in order to achieve money, without a legal reason.

Kinship – within the meaning given by the Inheritance Law, this is a type of legal relation between testator and his/her heirs on the base of blood or wedlock.

King’s evidence – this is legal term of the Criminal Law in many jurisdictions, detailing that one of the convicted criminals can testify against the others, in order to help the prosecutor’s conviction, against promised lower charge or releasing from…

Kin or kindred – within the sphere of Family Law, the term usually refers to a blood or marriage relative; as in “next of kin” refers to the closest relative.

Killebrew pleading – in the Common Law legal systems, this term details the guilty plea in criminal trials, in order to agree about a punishment with reduced charge by the court.

Kidnaping crime – this term usually refers to the criminal offence representing taking a person away from his/her place, without their consent, and keeping them locked against their will, usually for requesting ransom.