Barrister this term details the legal figure of a litigation specialist. This is a practicing lawyer who is licensed to appear in a courtroom. Per the Lawyers’ Act in most countries, there is no difference between barrister and lawyer. Because any lawyer, who is a member of the National Bar Chamber, is entitled to practice in a courtroom. There is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor in the UK Law system. The solicitor usually makes the initial contact with the client and gives brief legal advice. But has no legal right to practice in a courtroom.

*Note that barristers do not practice law for free; their personal advocacy is paid. So when asking a barrister or lawyer for their acceptance of service on a concrete legal issue, or to represent you in court hall, you should pay them for their opinion and legal advice/representation; it is the same as when you visit a doctor and pay for their competent diagnose and accurate medical treatment.

See also “Attorney”

See also “Lawyer”

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