Joint legal action

Joint legal action – this term is used in Civil Law in many jurisdictions to detail a civil claim, entered by more than one claimant, against the same defendant, with the same subject of the claim, rising from the same legal source and the same subject of pretention. Usually, the Civil Law in the various countries details very precisely the legal possibilities of entering joint claims. One thing that should be clear to overseas off-plan property investors, who wish to act as a group and enter a collective claims, is namely the fact that their pretention (for refund) against the same developer, actually occurs from different facts – i.e. various preliminary contacts signed in different periods (i.e. the amount of the legal interest on top of the requested refund will be different), initial installments went very often to different parties (overseas estate agents, subcontractors, etc.). This is why it is not possible for such collective claims to go through court – it is very likely that these will be separated by the judge into different individual claims.

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