Private lawyer rule

Private lawyer rule – this is term refers to a legal provision, applicable in some jurisdictions. It entitles the claimant, who sues on a case, the outcome of which brings benefit to more people or to the society, to ask for refund of the paid lawyer’s fees. The reason is that the word done by the lawyer, hired and paid by the claimant, affects in positive way many others and brings benefits to them. The pursued goal is to push the claimants to initiate lawsuits in cases where common or public interest could be protected where to ensure these that their expenses (i.e. the paid lawyer’s fees) will be covered if they win the case and achieve enforcement of important right for the society.

Note that lawyers do not practice law (i.e. accept pressure by the opposite parties) for free; their personal advocacy is paid, so when asking a lawyer for their legal opinion on a concrete legal issue, or to represent you in court hall, you should pay them for their opinion and legal advice/representation; it is the same like when you visit a doctor and pay for their competent diagnose and accurate medical treatment.

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