Real estate crimes

Real estate crimes – within the sphere of Criminal Law these frauds done with the intention to benefit illegally from a concrete immovable property, are named as real estate crimes. These for example could be:
  • Collecting money from investor with the false promise to construct and transfer to him new real estate.
  • Possessing a real estate which does not belong to you, on the base of illegal documents.
  • Using fake documents intentionally to sell a property and collect money from it, which property is not yours.
  • Presenting a false will to get a Title for a property, left by a testator who has no legal connection with you. So a main reason to hire an independent property lawyer when you buy a real estate is to avoid fraud. Therefore the lawyer will examine all the aspects of the deal and can advise you how to proceed. They have to get your legal and financial interests protected in the best way.

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Real estate crimes / Legal Glossary

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