Remittitur – this legal term has different meanings, depending of where it has got application:

– Usually it applies in the Criminal Law, where details the act of reducing the term of jail sentence (due to good behavior of the sentenced criminal). With the remittitur the criminal can released from jail and continue his/her normal life within the society.

– In the area of Court Procedures it could refer to the order and motives of the higher court, which terminates a decision previously taken by the lower court instead. In practice, the word relates to the legal term “Remittitur of record”,which means returning of documents in a case by the Appellate Court back to the lower, 1st stage court.

– Third meaning is of a refusal by a recipient or beneficiary, to accept a sum paid in their favor. This could be done sometimes due to tax reasons – where the taxes applicable will be more than the sum accepted.

– Another meaning is in the Tort Law – namely of an order by the court, to reduce the awarded damages on injury claim. For example, the injured claimant pretends a compensation at particular amount, but the court decides to award only part of it, because the outcome of the injure has not been that bad.

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