Solicitor – Per the meaning, given by the Law this is a legal practitioner certified by a Bar or governmental (state) organization to practice in the field of law. In some legal systems the solicitor could have a restricted practice only to working for company or other organization and does not normally litigate in court room. In some country there is no legal self-employed profession as “solicitor” in the meaning of bona-fide lawyer, and solicitor there would not be legally entitled to give legal advices to any third people, as such job would contracict with the job of lawyer, who is always registered in Bar Chamber, has personal insurance to third parties for damages, etc. In England and some other Commonwealth jurisdictions, a legal distinction is made between solicitors and barristers, the former with exclusive privileges of giving oral or written legal advice, and the latter with exclusive privileges of preparing and conducting litigation in the courts. In other words, solicitors in the Commonweath system usually do not appear in court alone on a client’s behalf.

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