Drawee – the term refers to the legal body of a bank which will clear the cheque and pay to the detailed beneficiary, or the corporation which will pay a bill of exchange.

Draft contract – this is a term of the Contracts & Obligations Law where details the initial frame of an agreement still with the option to be amended via negotiations between the parties which have concluded it.

Donor – the term refers to the legal figure of a person who donates property to the benefit of another, usually through the legal mechanism of a written personal will. Some jurisdictions refer to the trust donor as a “settlor”. Also…

Donee – this term is used to describe the person who is the recipient of a power of attorney – the person who would have to exercise the power of attorney.

Donatio mortis causa – From Latin: The term refers to a death-bed gift, made by a dying person, with the intention that the beneficiary of the gift shall keep the thing if death ensues. Such a gift is exempted from…

Dominium – From Latin: the term is used in Real Estate Law when referring to a title; “an ownership”. The tenant, as having dominion utile, enjoys full and exclusive possession and use of the property.

Dominion utile – From Latin: the term details the property rights of a tenant. While not owning the property in a legal sense, the tenant has the legal usage and can protect it with legal actions against third parties.