Fair dealing – Within the Copyright Law in many countries, this term refers to a procedure which allows fair critique or private study use of the protected material, performed with appropriate acknowledgment.

Fair Credit Reporting Act 1970 – this is the name of an US legislature which regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information, including consumer credit information. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_Credit_Reporting_Act .

Fair consideration – in the area of Real Estate Law, this legal term refers to a type of consideration given for property, in exchange for such property, as a fair equivalent therefor, and in good trading procedures.

Fair comment – in the area of court trials, the term refers to a defense method in defamation court cases. See also http://www.legal-explanations.com/definitions/fair-comment.htm .

Fair cash value – within the area of the Property Law this term refers to the usual market value which could be achieved in a straight sale of the item/real estate. In most jurisdictions the market value is established (set-up)…

Failure to prosecute – in the area of court trials, the term refers to a lawsuit where the claimant fails to continue pursuing a civil action but does not yet withdraw officially their claim. In such type of cases the…

Failure to comply – This term details a refusal by a physical individual to follow an official order, issued towards him by the local authorities with concrete behavior requested.

Failure of consideration – used mostly in Contracts & Obligations Law, this legal term refers to a situation where the legal reason for concluding a contract, expires – so the party or the parties do not have any longer a…

Failure – this legal term refers to the condition of not meeting an obligation to pay towards the creditor, which event is considered as legal non-performance.

Fail in a lawsuit – this is legal term which means: To lose a court case. Another meaning of this term is: To fall into insolvency procedure – a procedure which is applicable for corporate bodies only in many jurisdictions.