Right of trespass

Right of trespass – The word “trespass” literally means doing a violation on another person’s property. In the context of Property Law, the legal term “right of trespass” refers to a type of easement, created in benefit of concrete person on their neighbor’s land and registered in the Land Register as a legal burden on the land. The right of trespass grants the beneficiary that they can pass through the burdened land free and without limitations by the landowner or any future owner. The right of way is within the category of the personal rights. It could be established for a period of time, or for the lifetime of the beneficiary. In practice, it occurs in situations where you need to get access to your own plot of land, but this may be done only through your neighbor’s land. Some legal systems allow, once created this right to be transferred then to another beneficiary.

The right of way differs than the right of entry, which entitles its holder to stay on the burdened property and perform certain activities there.

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