Form petition – In many jurisdictions this term refers to a claim, established in the Civil Code, towards the High Court for new hearing of the case on the base of breaches or faults of the procedure.

Forgery – within the meaning, given by the Criminal Law, this term describes a crime, which represents fabricating (and mostly, using on a later stage) a fake document, for acquiring financial benefit.

Forfeiture – used in Property Law, this term is used to detail the termination of a possession of a real estate on the base of lack of meeting the tenancy conditions by the tenant any longer.

Forfeit – Per the meaning, given by the Property Law in most countries, it means a pledge, or another kind of legal security established on an asset to benefit the creditors.

Foreclosure – The technical meaning of the legal term is: to terminate property right. In Real Estate Law, this term refers to the creditor’s legal actions of repossessing and selling on a public auction, with the assistance of local enforcement…